Our expertise is coloring wax and as such we have developed products to cater to the needs of the wide array of waxes available on the market.

Colors for Cheese Wax

Cheese wax is used to protect the cheese after it has been produced and to give it a better appearance. The colors yellow and red have thus become the hallmarks of Gouda and Edam cheese.

We also provide a vast range of base colors, which can be used to create numerous shades. In addition to that, we also develop custom shades for our customers.


Product properties

  • Easily processed at temperatures from 60° C
  • Good heat resistance
  • Easily dispersed
  • Wide color spectrum


Statutory regulations

  • Correspond to Directive XXV of the [German] Federal Institute of Risk Assessment (BfR)
  • The purity of the colorants corresponds to the requirements of EU Directive 2008/128
  • Correspond to EU Directive 94/36 (dyes for food)

Colors for Shoe Polish

Shoe polish consists of various wax compositions. The polish contains dyes or pigments to brighten the colors. These dyes and pigments are based on the same technologies as candles colors, with only a few quality criteria being different. Dyes for shoe polish are available in all shades and also as customized colors.

Colors for Dental Wax

Bekro has delivered, for many years now, special colors to dental wax manufacturers and adapts these colors to the needs specified. These colors are used for the most diverse dental wax products, such as wax profiles, casting wax and modeling wax.

Colors for Precision Casting Wax

Precision casting is a common technology to produce metal parts and other materials in different shapes and forms on the basis of the lost-wax technique. Special types of precision casting wax are used to optimize this process.

It is important that the colors do not leave any ash residues, when melting the wax models. Our colors for precision casting wax satisfy this requirement.

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