The Company

Our entire product range is developed to increase the value of your candles. bekro colors, lacquers and fragrances appeal to the senses and help create unique, premium designs. bekro UV absorbers & additives add product value by improving performance and quality.

In 1966, the founders of bekro developed the first colors specifically engineered for use in candles. Our products were so innovative and of high quality that from our early years, we were quickly recognized as the industry leader in the global candle market.

Building upon the technical knowledge and experience our chemists have collected, while conducting countless tests with colors, fragrances & additives, we have come to understand the characteristics of these raw materials and how they interact & interrelate with each other. This knowledge and experience allows us to improve, combine and process them to the benefit of our customers’ specific needs. We deliver solutions!

Giving good advice and service to our customers is an important matter to us. To this purpose, we have strategically placed our employees in Europe, North & South America and Asia to deliver to our customers our global experience with local personalized service and distribution.

As a company policy, we invest a substantial share of our resources in Research and Development to continuously improve our product quality, keep our customers ahead of product regulatory concerns and prepare us for future market trends and needs.


Established: 1966

Owner: D. Illger

Offices: Germany – USA – China 

Portfolio: Colors, lacquers, fragrances, performance additives, UV absorbers and, unsurpassed customer service

Mission: "Increase the value of your candles"

Mindset: Be an active partner to our customers



How We Work

We begin every business relationship by getting to know our customers personally. This allows us to recommend the right colors, lacquers, fragrances, UV absorbers and performance additives for their specific needs. During the initial conversation, we listen to the customer and together we review all the technical details and specific requirements. We then recommend the suitable products from our range and provide samples for our clients to test. Upon request, we'll develop custom colors, lacquers and fragrances, which our application engineers will thoroughly test to validate their performance, ensuring that all the customer’s requirements are met.

Quality Promise

Various standard associations around the world develop and publish technical & safety standards on a wide range of materials and products. This requires suppliers to conduct their own thorough and reliable analysis of their raw materials and end products. At Bekro we have specially trained chemists that evaluate all aspects related to the safety and regulatory compliance of our products. 

We also set up a strict quality assurance system compliant with EN ISO 9001 to ensure that our raw materials maintain a high level of consistency and overall quality. 

Every color batch will undergo standardized burn performance tests according to RAL candle norms and a colorimetrical analysis. Fragrances, lacquers and additives are subjected to their own appropriate quality inspections.

Clearly defined tests are conducted on those points that are critical to the quality of colors, lacquers, fragrances and additives and the results are fully documented so they can be traced back to the specific batch.

Consistent Quality of Raw Materials

The receipt of top quality raw materials from your supplier is a requisite to smooth & consistent production of your candles.

ISO 9001 establishes the continuous improvement framework of our structure and processes in the production and delivery of top quality products and services.

Download of ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Reliable Delivery

Ever changing safety and regulatory requirements, phased-out chemicals and production disruptions cause issues in the global supply chain of raw materials. Our foresighted long-term purchasing strategy and solid financing, are crucial factors in our reliable delivery readiness to our customers.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

REACH, RAL like many other national and international laws and provisions, are continuously establishing higher standards for the safety, labeling and transportation of chemical products.

Qualified and well trained specialists check the compliance of our raw materials with the aid of software and online databases. Most material analysis is performed in our in-house laboratory.

Download of the RAL certificate

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