Candle manufacturers now have a choice between both solid and liquid dye & pigment colors, lacquers, fragrances, UV absorbers and performance additives for optimizing the quality of their candles. The broad variety of raw materials and their interactions as well as the steady flow of innovations make it a challenge for candle manufacturers to keep pace with the latest technologies and market trends in their field. Naturally, product developers need access to the best raw materials for the successful development of their new candle design and its quality.

Our consultants are ready to help select the right color system and lacquer technology, set up an aroma library, recommend additives for improving performance & quality and work with the customer to put together a modern, strong-selling, premium product range. 

Customized Development

Customers develop their own, individual creations to be successful. The bekro Development Lab helps our customers create unique colors, lacquers and fragrances through custom blends and quality tests. This allows us to optimize and fine-tune new color and aroma formulas early in the product development stage. When necessary, we also recommend using our additives to improve product performance and overall candle quality.

bekro’s customers receive samples for them to conduct their own tests under their actual production conditions. Our support and technical assistance gives the customer’s employees more time for other tasks.

Courses and Seminars

We offer our customers individual, customized courses to train their new employees and keep their seasoned ones up to date. Courses can take place at our customers' premises or at our installations.

Frequent topics:

  • Properties and use of dyes and pigments
  • Perception of colors – Metamerism – Colorimetry – Color Management
  • Fragrance seminars, trends, descriptions
  • Testing methods for quality assurance – colorfastness tests, burn performance tests
  • Interplay between colors and fragrance – technical, creative
  • Processing of lacquers in the production process
  • Light protection – UV absorbers and antioxidants
  • Improving the burning properties of candles by using performance additives

Color and Fragrance Management for
Manufacturers and Retailers

Retailers generally source their candle products from multiple manufacturers, whose production frequently takes place on different continents. On their shelves, however, all those candles should look and smell the same! To make sure this comes together properly, we work with traders and manufacturers around the world to coordinate and manage the color, fragrance and additive supply and logistics. We offer support early in the product development process with tests, analyses and consulting. Digital colorimetry, together with gas chromatograph analysis and our vast technical experience are the scientific tools we employ for color and fragrance management.

Product Tests

Successful candle manufacturers are always developing new products in different wax blends with new colors, lacquers and fragrances. Complex color & fragrance formulas and regulatory restrictions on the choice of raw materials make it difficult to predict the product performance and overall quality of such new candle compositions. Only thorough testing will reveal any weak points allowing them to be corrected before they become expensive issues.

At bekro we test newly developed colors and fragrances in our lab to instill greater confidence with our customers. We also recommend using additives to improve candle performance and quality.

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