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bekro chemie GmbH
Industriestr. 104
D-66802 Überherrn/Germany

Phone +49 6836 9198 0
Fax  +49 6836 9198 10

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GoTo Meeting

bekro chemie strives to offer efficient and personal service to all our customers.  GoTo Meeting is one of the tools used to achieve this goal. It is a voice and video platform we use to communicate with our customers in a more efficient and personal manner, so the customer’s questions and issues can be fully explored and speedily resolved.

Thanks to GoTo Meeting, discussions can be held in an inclusive atmosphere from any location around the world

Participants in GoTo Meeting require:

  • a PC or mobile telephone with a camera and microphone.

Participants in GoTo Meeting will receive an access code from us by e-mail. The voice or video conference call can start shortly after the access code has been entered in the GoTo Meeting application.