Originality – Individuality – Service

We collaborate with the best & most creative perfumers and fragrance companies. This allows us to offer our customers very exclusive fragrances. Some of them are composed with patented fragrance molecules that offer an aromatic uniqueness in the marketplace.

We employ the strengths of different creative houses to meet the original and individual desires of our customers. Our own bekro evaluation team has a technical and design influence over the fragrance creations as well.

Bekro safety specialists determine that all legal requirements are met on the selected fragrance. Finally, our application engineers test and confirm the suitability of the fragrances for use in candle systems.

We use our full scope of knowledge about our colors, fragrances and additives to offer our customers an optimal candle package of the 3 products; fragrance, color and additives.

Quality and Selection Criteria

Our aim is to offer fragrances that are tested and known to be suitable for candles. Fragrance suppliers outside the industry regularly present creative fragrances that are incompatible for use in candle systems. When we develop and select our candle fragrances, we place special emphasis on the following criteria:

1. Creativity –Originality – Market Potential

2. Technical suitability

  1. Lightfastness
  2. Burning behavior
  3. Cold and hot throw
  4. Intrinsic color of the fragrance
  5. Compatibility with colorants

3. Safety aspects

  1. CLP labeling requirements
  2. Legal conformity

Essential oils for candles or fragrance lamps

The beneficial and healing effect essential oils have on body, mind and spirit has been known for ages. These oils are being used in fragrance lamps more and more frequently to fill rooms with fragrances based on natural substances, yet there is still much catching up to do in candle scenting. Essential oils are created with very precise extraction methods. Essential oils naturally start to evaporate at very low temperatures.

This is a useful characteristic for scenting rooms with liquid oils.  The production of candles requires that both the temperature of the liquid wax and hot throw be considered. Bekro Candle Essence has been tested for these conditions and now makes it possible for you to scent your candles 100% naturally. The natural oils are divided into the following groups: 100% pure, (partially) certified organic, natural, nature-identical.  Each of these groups is suitable for the production of candles. The manufacturer can choose any group - what determines the choice made is the respective marketing concept.  

Nature-identical oils consist of natural oils with synthetic components added for price reasons. The synthetic substances are equivalent to chemically isolated natural substances. This way the cost of adding fragrance to naturally scented candles is optimized. The number of available aroma compounds a perfumer can use to create essential oil blends is around 300 substances, which is significantly lower than what is available for synthetic fragrances.  We create custom blends for orders of 50kg or more per essential oil mixture.